APRU Specs

Safety Certified

North American Classification Listing (cETLus Mark) with EMC Medical and laboratory Base Safety.

Internal Charger

Charges Battery while maintaining temperature. Battery recharges in 4 hours.

Hot and Cold Environments

Compartment heating and cooling ensure stable temperature in all austere conditions.

Uses Military Battery

Operates on internal MIL-PRF-32383 BB-2590/U smart battery.

All Orientations

Temperature maintained in any position with active cooling automatically managed.

Long Battery Run-Time

No battery swapping normally needed thanks to 80-hour battery run-time.

Helicopter Air Ambulance Qualified

Meets ‘Helicopter Air Ambulance’ (HAA) equipment requirements for shock/vibration and radio interference. Pressure relief ventilated compartment. DO-160-G test reports available.

Rugged Design

Withstands rough handling and accommodates austere environments including salt water.

Silent and Dark Mode

Prevents interference with infrared night-vision equipment and preserves concealment.

Practical Display

Informs operator through on-screen prompts and provides record of stored temperature. Supplies predicted remaining storage time

Temperature Ranges

Operating: -32° to 50°C (-25° to 122°F) with battery discharge and AC power operation;
Battery Charging: -10° to 40°C (-4° to 104°F);
Storage: -32° to 60°C (-25° to 140°F)

Temperature and Humidity

IP66 61010-1
Ingress Protection: IP66 & NEMA4X Waterproof
EN 55011 CISPR 11 Class A Refrigeration Safety: UL/IEC 61010-2-11
Heater Safety: UL/IEC 61010-2-10
Operating Voltages: 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) or 12/0 to 31.0 VDC



Size: 19.3” wide x 10.0” high x 10.2” deep (49 cm wide x 25.7 cm high x 25.9 cm deep)
Weight: 29 lbs (13.2kg) unloaded


Internal temperature: 4.5°C ± 0.8°C
Duration: 95 hrs at 24°C (75°F)
Volume: 6L (6.3qt)
Unit capacity: Six 450ml bags


Standard: AABB “Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services,” 31st Edition
FDA Registered: #195893765478 Class II. Code KSE. For use near patient.
HAA FAA Qualified: AC No: 135-14B, sec 5-3.d, 5-5(1)

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