APRU Testimonial from Austin EMS

We were delighted to get this great feedback from those saving lives in Austin, TX this week. We’re proud to be providing a tool to help them and others in this mission and we wanted to share this with you all as well.

Your team sending an APRU to central Texas’s blood bank was such a huge time saver for us. Thank you. The blood bank was able to run internal validations on the APRU. The blood bank was very impressed with the APRU performance and were kind enough to share the validation data with us and have the cooler approved for use. Where this really saved us time was essentially, when our coolers showed up it was turn key and we were able to stand them up and go live with our blood program almost immediately.

Over the past year of using different storage devices and trying to maintain compliance, I feel like I have been trying to drive a square peg into a round hole. The product you guys have developed, and continue to refine as we learn and partner with public blood banks answers the call. I believe in prehospital whole blood, I have experienced its benefit first hand. The APRU is going to be the gold standard in storage and deployment models for pre hospital programs, I have no doubt. Me and the team down in Austin are excited to be on the ground floor with you as the first agency to deploy it on the public side.

Just for fun, I thought I would share with you that we have been running our program with the APRU’s for less than a month. As of 1000 this morning we have administered 7 units of blood to patients. One of them was a 16 year old victim of gun violence. The APRU is changing the game for Paramedics, and bringing the missing piece of real volume replacement to patients in the field closer to the point of injury or medical need.

Please share with your team our appreciation for their hard work. Without them this would not be possible in the sustainable matter you guys have created. You’re saving lives.

We look forward to working with you guys as we expand our program. We are confident in the product, and beyond satisfied with the customer service.

We at Delta Development Team look forward to finding even more ways to help these great folks save lives now and in the future.

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