House of Quality – Free Download

A quality design is one that has value to customers. In order to provide quality designs at Delta, we have to know what the customer considers valuable and link that to the most effective design to meet those needs.

The “house of quality” is a basic design management tool used frequently as part of quality function deployment (QFD). Originating in 1972 at Mitsubishi’s Kobe shipyard site, the house of quality has been used successfully by Japanese manufacturers of consumer electronics, home appliances, clothing, and for services like swimming schools and retail outlets.

The Harvard Business Review describes the House of Quality as “a kind of conceptual map that provides the means for inter-functional

planning and communications. People with different problems and responsibilities can thrash out design priorities while referring to patterns of evidence on the house’s grid.”

Use the link below to access a free House of Quality template with examples. If you have a Google account, click File>Make a Copy. If not, you can still download an Excel version or OpenDoc version by clicking File>Download.

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