Portable Blood Refrigeration



While the most common place to receive medical care and blood transfusions is in a hospital, that’s not always possible. There are many times when a person needs emergency care in other locations. ​

For example, if a hiker is injured in the wilderness or a serviceman is injured in combat, they often need care on-site. This is also the case when a natural or man-made disaster occurs. Often, there is no medical facility close by. If there is, it may be filled to capacity, leaving injured parties without a place to go. ​​

In many instances, emergency professionals have been forced to utilize a portable blood refrigerator that was either the same as or very similar to a cooler you would put sodas and food in. Unfortunately, they do not provide the quality that professionals need to store blood, medication, or other supplies for long periods.

How We Fixed It

These are the types of situations that an austere environment medical refrigerator is made for. It is a portable blood refrigerator created to be used in areas where resources, especially power sources, are limited. Such areas include developing countries, the wilderness, or anywhere a disaster strikes or military operations take place.

​An austere environment medical refrigerator is one designed with the understanding that you may not be near a power source for some time. And it addresses that issue.

At Delta Development Team, we leveraged the knowledge and wisdom of military medical personnel to design our Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit or APRU. It provides days of use off of one battery charge. And it’s created to withstand harsh weather conditions, so medical care teams can take it with them no matter where their skills are needed.

The APRU is designed for the most extreme circumstances to ensure that patients get the care they need. You can learn more about our product and how to acquire it by contacting our team today.


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