Tucson Team Lead by Leija Donates Life-Saving Devices to Ukraine’s Frontlines

Partnering with Combat Medics Sergii Rotchuk and Yevhen Chudnetsov, both National Guard of Ukraine Azov Assault Brigade veterans who bravely survived the siege of Mariupol and the final stand at the Azovstal Steel Plant, Montgomery Leija as CEO of Delta Development Team is leading the effort to introduce Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Units (APRUs) to the front lines. Over the last year, DDT has been coordinating with organizations to donate several life-saving medical devices to the frontlines in Ukraine, including another just this month.

Sergii Rotchuk and Yevhen Chudnetsov, combat medics with firsthand experience of the horrors of warfare, recognized the critical importance of innovative medical solutions to save lives in the heat of battle. Their experiences during the siege of Mariupol and the final stand at the Azovstal Steel Plant highlighted the urgent need for advanced medical tools that could make a difference in life-or-death situations.

Partnering with Monti Leija and his team at Delta Development Team was a natural fit. The collaboration has resulted in the successful fielding of APRUs, blood warmers, and Farma Field Transfusion Kits directly to the front lines, where medics and healthcare professionals are already utilizing them. These tools are designed to function optimally even in the most challenging and austere environments, ensuring medical personnel have the necessary resources to provide critical care without delay.

Monti’s dedication to the project and his unwavering commitment to enhancing medical capabilities have been instrumental in turning this initiative into a reality. His experience as a former Green Beret and his leadership at Delta Development Team has contributed to successfully implementing these advanced medical solutions in a high-stakes and demanding setting.

Anastasia Zimina, an NAEMT TCCC Instructor and Farma Field Transfusion Kit user has also played a vital role in this endeavor. Her expertise in medical training and innovative kit development has further enriched the capabilities of the medical teams on the front lines, enabling them to provide life-saving transfusions with efficiency and precision.

Monti Leija’s journey from the battlefield to the healthcare sector continues to inspire. His remarkable story of heroism, adaptability, and dedication is a testament to the impact individuals with a strong sense of purpose can make. With the successful deployment of APRUs, blood warmers, and Farma kits in Ukraine, Monti, along with his dedicated team and partners, ensures that those who bravely put their lives on the line have a better chance of coming home alive.

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