Desert Angels’ Generous Donation of APRUs to Ukraine

Desert Angels and Delta Development Team (DDT) in Tucson, AZ are teaming up to provide life-saving blood storage and transportation technology to the frontline medics in the Ukraine Armed Forces. 

The importance of transporting whole blood to the site of injury cannot be stressed enough, which is why DDT has been creating and innovating blood storage products to aid medics, EMS, and other medical professionals. Delta Development Team, Inc. are known to be industry leaders in blood storage and transportation solutions.

The most widely used product by DDT is the APRU, or Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit, which provides constant cooling of blood products, vaccines, virus samples, and temperature-controlled  medications with superior performance in military operations, disaster relief response, and emergency medical systems. It allows for the transportation and storage of blood and other temperature-controlled medical products in the most austere locations, such as on the front line of a war. With its rugged design, reliable and stable refrigeration, long-lasting battery life, and even Bluetooth technology, this device is sought after by EMS and military personnel across the world.

The transfusion of whole blood has been shown to greatly improve the chances of a patient’s survival, even during transportation to transition points, where they will receive stabilization care. These transition points however don’t always have stable refrigeration to keep medical products such as whole blood and vaccines at safe temperatures.

However, through Desert Angels’ donation of several APRUs to the UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces), they will be able to provide that vital stabilization and aid in saving lives. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Desert Angels is a network of accredited investors who invest in early-stage scalable companies across multiple industries. They offer national connections, education and best practices, group syndication, and vetted deal flow. Their generous donation of this technology will save many lives. DDT are proud to work with them in this endeavor.

To join in this effort, please contact Desert Angels:

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