Chronic Blood Shortage May Soon be Helped by Artificial Blood

Blood has long been a difficult thing to replicate, though scientists have been trying for years.

Blood is essentially its own organ system, said Philip Spinella.

But over the last decade, scientists have finally started to make breakthroughs in the medical quest to imitate fresh human blood.

While it has been proven over and over how vital blood transfusions are and how the speed at which people are given whole blood at the site of injury, blood has been a difficult thing for EMS and other medical professionals to have on hand, at least in the quantities that it is needed. Blood donations are the only way that we have been able to acquire blood for these life-saving transfusions – but maybe soon we will be able to synthesize it.

Read more in this Vox article, Lab-grown blood could (one day, maybe) save your life by clicking the button below.

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