Whole Blood is Best Option

In an article recently posted on JEMS, they discuss the benefits of using whole blood at the site of trauma:

“Whole blood […] is best. It stays in the vascular space much longer, so we need to infuse less fluid to achieve the same effect. It assists with clotting and will carry oxygen and remove CO2 and nitrogenous wastes. Whole blood will not cause the acidosis we see with normal saline. It does have a few logistical hurdles to overcome regarding storage and management.”

The time that it takes to get a patient from the site of injury to a hospital is precious and using that time effectively, such as to transfuse whole blood, is vital.

As more EMS and similar professionals are using whole blood to keep patients alive on their way to serious care, it’s becoming more evident that whole blood is extremely effective in helping those patients survive the trauma.

Read more on the JEMS website below:

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